Louder Than God's Revolver (And Twice as Shiny)

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine lasers rated redeye
Created 2011-02-21
Last Modified 2011-02-21
by 15 people.
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Description damn, supernovas are hot!

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Yeah this is sweet!

Lasers pose a kind of relaxed threat, but make the map feel a bunch more intense (paradoxically haha). The empty bottom room and overall pathing is great.
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Found this via random map. Pretty damn sweet for a laser map.

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Easily my favourite of the top 5. Free flowing action at the top and some nice jumps at the bottom, and the difficulty level is perfect. Makes for a good highscorer. Well done.
I don't think it's boring.

great map I played well...
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boring like hell



Thank god! Another MCR fan. I swear, no one in my area likes them! D:< I thought this album was great.

excellent map...

Loved it.

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first try,

pretty cool, i like it. well placed lasers. layout works well.
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All golded

on a fast route
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Great map

I died on the mine right after the door-switch D:

Gee really?

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