The Epic Part XXV - Godspeed

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Author _Sketch
Tags author:_sketch bitesized playable race rated
Created 2005-12-10
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description After encountering the cave in the sky and seeing the blue creature N suddendly came to a dead cave, when he noticed he was standing on hollow ground. N realized he had to run quickly when he noticed the blue creature, then he realized it was a messenger aiming for delivery but what was it trying to deliver?! N yelled out
"Muv what am i to do!?"
"Run, at Godspeed"

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It would've been cool...
...if you didn't force a random squeeze at the end.

Yeah, cool map...

But, it is kind of like my map We Can Be Happy Underground remade.

This is what it is -

It's a map I'm very proud of :D


this map is cool, too.

Still, mines would make it a lot better

Its a map in the old epic, by sweep. Its a lot like this, but more fun.


Whats "We Can be Happy Underground" is that somesort of series like the epic? i just used a drone timer, something ive been experimenting with

I feel like...

this is just "We Can be Happy Underground" remade.
Nice map, kinda fun. 3.5/5


needs mines, but otherwise, it's great