Up to where the sun shines

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru brightlikethesun ded playable rated twc twc7
Created 2011-02-25
Last Modified 2011-02-25
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Dedicated to everyone, who participated in the TWC contest [], but especially to the winner: Chrdrenkmann. Congratulations to your 2nd victory in this challenge. Although you proclaimed, that you would end your mapping career with this contest, I still hope you keep on mapping. NUMA loves you!

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The map looks good and plays way better.
The contest was really fun. I'd wish to do this again.

Demo Data

cool map design

especially the upper section/tiles

yeah, yeah, I know

I will check it out later.
Not really on IRC a lot.
Said on your profile.


is your avatar something like this []? Just wondering. :P
Nice. And your demos got better and better. =)

And Exit 4.

Can't wait.
Demo Data

Exit 3

I smell another ded map.
Demo Data

Exit 2

Exit 1 is my first demo btw.
Demo Data

Just demos.

Go try it!


The first one to complete this map by finishing at every single exit gets a ded map! (4 demos needed)

Not bothering to improve this AGD any more.
Demo Data

Nice structure

bit too hard for my skills. 3.5
Come try and beat it!
Demo Data

Slow AGD

That was loooong and haaaard...

...I like it.
Demo Data

A slow completion demo. Very cool design, but execution could've been better. 4
Demo Data