Living in a lonely world

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Author NachoCheese
Tags adventure author:nachocheese nreality rated
Created 2011-02-25
Last Modified 2011-02-25
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description A NReality Adventure.

Hey everyone. It's me, Nacho. I made a map. Surprise! :D
This map is, in essence, a big thankyou to the NUMA community. On getting my feature (which I'm still ecstatic about), I realised how great this place really is. I really feel at home here. This place is bursting with creativity and great people, a community with a spirit unlike what I've ever seen. So, to cut a long story short, thankyou NUMA, for being so awesome.

This map is a ded to Ferox [], for helping with the image for this map. I hope I made good use of it. Go check out his maps.

A few notes about this map, however:
--> This is an adventure. Go explore :D
--> Always be cautious of falling blocks, no matter which direction they're going (*wink*). Actually, just be cautious full stop.
--> You will have to re-use paths.
--> The story's all a part of the fun. Try to figure it out.

And as always, have fun everyone. :D

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Soz about the wait

I have a ton of work. Paper after paper. Maybe you can give me the stuff this Wed?

WOAH... So Jealous!

NACHO! How Did You Do That To The Map? Someone Teach Me!! And the map was very hard i keep dying three quarters of the way there, but i still gave you a 4.5/5
Anyhoo GREAT MAP keep up the creative effort! (| |)




lol what your name is abbreviated as. Anyway, a feature is a way of knowing that people like and enjoy your maps, not a tangible thing you hoard.


possible feature i see? great map. never seen the bounce bloock nreality before.

Finally. : )

Awesome map

Cheated though... Always put trap door's on top lol... to prevent this from happening ;) anyway crazy bounce blocks 4.6/5 :D
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if the light shrunk as you played, and collecting gold made it grow.... :O



"On getting my feature (which I'm still ecstatic about), I realised how great this place really is."


oh this is

an awesome idea. make the area of vision bigger, though.
But I also agree with the digity person below me.

it'd be awesome

if it wasn't punishingly hard. Great concept but the gameplay is lacking


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what is that little boll?

by the way nice map 4
Demo Data


But the map is cool.

I love the lighting

The bounceblocks are strange, though.