Magma Monster

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine gauss rated
Created 2011-03-04
Last Modified 2011-03-04
by 6 people.
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Description watch out, his mana pool isn't used up yet!

not entirely satisfied with this one, but I don't want to sit on it anymore, so here it is.

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i like the tiles

but the rest was i dont know...boring..i think gameplay was kindof foreseeable..i tried it two times and then i didnt tried to play another time because i knew how the game goes was like you calculated how the objects and tiles have to be placed and how most fun is reachable :/...thers no's so static...u know what i mean ?

really spectecular map
I love the tiles

speedrun; it's cheatable
Demo Data

This is great

I love how the gameplay has a kind of hidden flow, and the tiles look fantastic!

Really caught my eye from the Hot Maps page. I love how smooth and race-like it plays, except for the bottom section where you have to slow down to dodge the drones. I think atob's edit makes it a little better gameplay-wise. Additionally, the theming really evoked a nice atmosphere. Felt like scaling a giant cognitive lava blob in a dark cavern.

fail demo

Demo Data


glad you enjoyed it. it's just I can't open your pastebin on my phone right now. I'll take a look at it asap though.

the bottom drone section was actually the last major change I did. I added it because I felt like it would give some kind of variety in play to the map, but perhaps I just playtested the rest of it too often. :)

I think the extra effort takes away from the simplicity and cleanliness, which is (imo) why this is so great.
I think though, that while it does play very well, the bottom drone section seems a little tacked on and unnecessary. It'd play/look so much smoother without it.

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