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Author 1211
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Created 2011-03-06
Last Modified 2011-03-06
by 16 people.
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Description Slight edit needed to be made.

Here's another KRADDA. There are two short CTRDDAs in the beginning and end. Some really nice close calls. 1517 frames.

Ded to Wizard2 for inspiring me make this map after his CTRDDA. Enjoy!

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seems to be one of your initial maps...
nice work!!
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Ey hey!

Are you ignoring for a reason my last map made with these tiles?

Very few close calls, rocket wasnt overly close to the ninja. The gold on the doors was nearly never needed and its just irritating.

I forgot ...


I response you

Check your e-mail Inbox.
Good KRADDA > 4/5


try to use thwumps more. They are cool in a dda
Gold delay is horrible, if you are trying to make a great dda dont even consider it. Second I was disappoint by the lack of close calls with the tiles. But the two chase the rocket parts were very nice, and saved what wound have been a mediocre dda. 3.5
here. []


not working :/


is posiible i put a demo on the map

You DDA┬┤s are still perfect

Really good!

Very relaxed compared to many other DDA's.


One way to make a /good dda/ is to watch all the good ones, e.g. Clifty, scythe33, player_03, bluenin, romaniac, Life247, lord_day, Lucidium, other bitesized ones. Also practice.

This is good!

Demo Data

great map

i seem to notice that in ever dda or kradda when you get near the end you speed up the play and there is less enemies. What would be brilliant to see would be if you could carry the first half of the map to the second as well. Good luck