Mercury Arc

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Author nevershine
Tags author:nevershine episodic rated short
Created 2011-03-07
Last Modified 2011-03-07
by 6 people.
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Description short episodic jumper.

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playing through your portfolio and im having a blast
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little faster

It felt quite fast until I looked at the other demos haha. Cool map :)
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really cool this

I enjoyed the simplicity.
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i totally do :3

I enjoyed this.

I enjoyed this.
but I tried fiddling with it and i didn't see a good way to do it. but thats ok, it's a great map as is


you can :3
didnt quite get the corner jump i wanted :( nice map though, really like it!
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episodic ...

... but impresive!
clean and smarted gameplay here!
to go through the middle part i think that would make this really really nice, and help with the episodic nature

Slower agd

This one illustrates the bounceblock jumping technique that would enable you to do the level much quicker, if you could do it both ways.
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because it used to be much larger and less simplistic up until I decided to just cut out my favorite part.

Sloppy agd

This map feels so effortless episodic; please tell me you slaved over this for hours so I can feel a little better about myself ;)
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säts werie neis

pritti ädoräbll
5aved foa läta