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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator flow race rated timing tnc
Created 2011-03-08
Last Modified 2011-03-08
by 22 people.
Map Data

Description Lets do this shit

This map is dedicated to Fraxtil, cause he won the AGD competition on "Electric Constellation"

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for sure!

Dude, we should collab sometime! :D

if i didnt have to wake up so early i'd continue getting faster, I can beat the fbf'ers if I had more time and patience B]
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damn this is fun, super fast and nice flow!
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I came back to this? wow thanks everyone

I´m not good at races and I don´t beat it but it´s cool
but cool. 4.5aved


non-fbf of course.

i normally really don't like races, but i liked this... not entirely sure why, but well done.
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fbf ofc

best race i have played for a while
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Great race.

I really love the theme. Everything about it is masterful.

But I did find this special, I really like the angle this map makes. And your gold is much better than previous races. The laser might have been used better, to cause more of a threat, but the enemies as a whole were well done.

Good race, but feels substanceless.
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Maybe I'm just not a racer type, but this really doesn't do much for me.

Props to you man.

This is pretty radical.

Agd (Fbf)

There's race and race.
And this is a race.
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very nice

the speed is good, the aesthetics are good, the difficulty is well balanced.

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He's been with us for a while.


You Look pretty talented at this, I find pretty much experimental the result of someone's recognition on NUMA, you seem to gather up fame right? Well, I will tell you that I"m a sort of person that want's to make people explore different things, ideas. I'm a good easygoing and humorous person (but NUMA is a low-joke place, that's why i find this place a bit douchey). altough, I'll give you the the rate that is left for public rating, not becaue I tested it, but I' do wish you luck on whatever you want to, because that' what NUMA wants you to fantasize.

welcome to numa

This sure is a fast race. Screwed up the flow toward the end, but it didn't seem to hurt me too badly.

Also, the aesthetics in this map are god tier. Seriously. 5aved, couldn't have asked for a better ded. <3
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Races are totally your forte. When you first came, I automatically knew that you will become successful. The first map can predict the future of an author, and your future is paved in gold. One of your best races. 5aved!
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I forgot this

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Thanks Destiny

means a lot

Messed up.

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Hot damn

But you've come a long way very quickly.