Is there anybody in there?

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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 featured goldenn rated
Created 2011-03-08
Last Modified 2011-03-15
by 26 people.
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Description Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone home?

One of those hair-raising maps. Fastest AGD get a ded.

This map was featured on 2011-05-16

Deep Breath...
Sparkling Gold..
A Cave.
What a beautiful design for a thrilling action. You prepare yourself for what could possibly be the most exciting jumper/action you will ever partake in.
Sit back, and relax, because the door is just across the way. Now just remember it's just a few mines, a rocket and you.
Enjoy — mystro23

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This map gave me a mustache.

Gold was in a cool pattern, mines were placed very nicely, rocket was powerful.

very nice.
pretty neat map..

<Rose> I don't even remember that map.
<Rose> What the hell did I hate about it?


I liked the openness of this one. For that other one, I would have preferred if you had not said hold right and left us to figure it out for ourselves.
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darkcrusader. x

im great

thanks had a nice break and im just getting bak into the swing of things you no :) was thinking me you and apakenua collab? my two probably best mates would be great :D x wats up your way?

Congrats man!
But this is not a good map at all.
There are so many maps EXACTLY like this...
it's just that there're so many almost exactly like it


Still don't really like this. Congraz though.

Would never have featured this. Rocket bounceblocks is boring and dull combination, add in ugly symmetry and bad tiles and you got yourself a bad map. Nothing stands out, oll a bland mush.

Title is good though.


This is curious!

Two months ago I did a review of this map and gave it to him a Golden N Bar. Today is Featured!!!
The same happened with Purple hills by Sunset, I did a review and days later he was featured!
Strange but fun.


Demo Data

good map,

not my favorite type of map, but it is good for what it is.

looks and plays very messy-ly, i still dont see the appeal D:
faster demo :]
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the tiles are kind of good, and the gameplay with bouncy boxes and rockets pleas eme a nostalgic blast from the past, 74-4. I fucking love zenith.

Pity this wasn't a fractal map.


done nice feature well deserved.


I know right?
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since you get a featured.
Every Reviewer get one

The tiles weren't great but that gameplay 100% makes up for it.

agreed with life.

congratulations though!
Fun map nonetheless.

Someone mentioned something of an image of psychiatrists.
It made me smile.
But my psychiatrist advised me not see much this image (map), I can go mad. Is it about the good things you like so much that you can not separate yourself from them.
Good things like this are impressive, this is dope and good.
Comes to hook up both, you can not leave.
The high degree of difficulty and progressive learning here is running great.
Each time the drug gets you more, and each time you think you have more strength and skill to defeat. If you can overcome it, she's already caught you. You'll have to keep playing and playing, and you'll be a junkie perque.
High degree of re-playability.
The Rocket makes me crazy. I have to visit my psychiatrist.
Be careful with drugs.

You've got your first 'Golden N Bar' !!! []
Please, edit your map and include the tag 'goldenn'
and if you want, you can put your golden N bar in your profile.
I have played this map again and I enjoying it a lot more.

there's a typo

otherwise, it's cool. repaired:

Me, 1211, and LUKESV are holding a contest. Only one entry for this contest. The rules are to use the tileset provide in order to create a map using only zap drones (seeker, non-seeker or both), and mines. The tilset can be modified slightly, but not drastically or points will be taken out. Judging will be based off gameplay, aesthetics, and originality. Results will be announced on the forums, and a link to the results will be posted on the maps that participated. The wining map will receive a ded map made by one of the judges. Top three finishers will receive banners. All other maps will receive a participation banner. Tag your maps with "zappity" or they won't be judged.


Wasn't expecting this at all! Thanks everybody!

looks awesome



I didn't, suprisingly.

Demo Data


map one of yur best

Pretty fun.



one of those hair-rasing songs


on the thumbnail it looks like one of those psychiatrist pictures where you have to say what you see behind those smudge...i see an awesome map
However this was executed perfectly, beautiful to play. 5/5

woah a 5 Ninja rated
I rate with 5 too