If i saw you in heaven.

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Author chaosraider
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Created 2011-03-16
Last Modified 2011-03-16
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This map was featured on 2012-10-29

The blue drones. Although they somewhat resemble mindless guards in a futuristic, high-tech stronghold, they do their orders no matter what's standing in their way, and they keep patrolling their assigned path at all times. In chaosraider's map If I saw you in heaven, the drones aren't even chasing you, but mindlessly going around preset paths - and this mechanic makes the map surprisingly enjoyable. It may look inconspicuous, but just play it and you will prove yourself wrong, finding this calm map really fun.

If there was an N heaven, I would see this map there.

- lsudny [] — Aidiera

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Missed a chance to make a song-story out of the most touching song ever written.


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Bottom part was speedy, top pretty sluggish.
Great level to highscore no doubt though, will try for better later
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Really great.

My only complaint (I believe I spelled it wrongly) is the gold over drones.


the tiles are great and and bounce part too. but i dont really like the other part, i think it could be done better.

ewwwww gold over drones!!!

Love this.

Awesome job with the bounceblock there. The drones were awesome, and the doors were fantastic. Apart from some frustrating deaths, this map is great. Definetly fave'd.

AGD also.
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