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Author apakenua
Tags author:apakenua bob heyihopethiseditworks rated
Created 2011-03-17
Last Modified 2011-04-24
by 7 people.
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Description I've been on here for more than a year. (hah, lsundy) ;] So yeah. :/ Everyone here has moved on without me. First map - 2010, Febuary 5th. (On here) - game first played sometime 2009. Yeah. So, not my tiles. If you were gonna come here to tell me how awful they were, tell whoever's tiles they were. (I couldn't find the page with the tileset, so if it's yours, gimme' a shout) and I will not take credit for them. Kinda a late 1-year anniversary - maybe. And a ded. To people I looked up to. Furry_Ant, Invalid, lsundy, sunset, kiopen, ^Destiny, and Ferox. If I forgot some, just comment. I'll change it.

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I was like "FUC* U MUTHAFUC** MAP!"

Demo Data

This map is really addicting and needs to be a 5/5 featured. Will post an AGD demo soon...

this is fantastic.


and yeah, gotta get your Office on sometimes xD 4/5

Those keys

remind me of an old Atari game called adventure.
Demo Data

hah, lsuDNy

congrats anyway xD

Overall a solid map

but I wish we had some zap drones (not seeker) surface crawling.
I like the two areas in the map. In the left area the mines are more powerfull. In the right area the gauss are more powerfull.
I like climbing to exit.

I neither have I forgotten you. And I have NEVER done.
I am very glad to see you around here. Really.
NUMA needed something like.
I hope you come with renewed energy and ready to teach others new and stunning 270 maps ...

I love this.
You always characterized your expertise and ability to take a tile and make a map any great.
Clean. Solid and intense gameplay. Good time to complete and really tricky awesomish jumps here. I love this minejumper gauss combo!
Good entry into NUMA again.

Will play later, BTW.

Been a while. Missed seeing you. You map quickly. I have only been on for a little over a year and a half and see how many maps I have.
I took me four years just to get over 100 maps. Congrats!

really a simple map but you made a good challenge out of it...