Not as it seems

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Author ]{NO3
Tags author:]{no3 fun playable unrated
Created 2011-03-18
Last Modified 2011-03-18
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Description yes I know it seems stupid and spammy...
but I spent time on this... lots of time
try for an agd...
or try to not touch the ground...

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faster NGNDD ;)
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No Ground No Gold Demo : D
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spammed fun

no floor demo
close to max using this route without bb corner jumps, if i got all three bb corner jumps this would be about 20-30 frames faster
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but meh.. 3/5 let's say I enjoyed it ;)
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I shall do that.


Happy to see you're back. :D

With races, there are different approaches you can take. I always start by focusing on flow, flow should always be the first thing you should be worried about. It should be smooth and it should show a bit of creativity (away from curve after curve). I don't know where exactly you stand experience wise with races, but I think the best thing to do is make a race and I can help point out your good spots and your areas that could use a little improvement. That way, others can help you out too. Make it pretty long though, most of the best races are about 1000-1300 frames long.
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oh hai


oh hai


Oh, hello.