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Author koipen
Tags action author:koipen beebeam mapraft2 unrated
Created 2011-03-21
Last Modified 2011-03-21
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description For mapdraft. I got really good packs this time:

Kill The Prolific
1 'Five' Tile
1 'One Tile
60 'E' Tiles BUT For every 100 maps you have posted on NUMA subtract 20
Tiles from this total.

Threesome (With Protection)
3 Blue Drones (Your Choice)
16 Gold
1 Locked Door

Measles Mumps Rubella
3 Mines
3 Gold
1 Laser Drone
7 Gold
5 'Five' Tiles
5 'One' Tiles

Celebrity Assassination
If you do not have a Custom Title on NUMA, use 10 tiles of your choice.
If you do not have any Featured Maps on NUMA, use 20 tiles of your choice.
If you are not a Reviewer on NUMA, use 5 'One' Tiles, 3 'Five' and 8 'E' Tiles.
If you are not a Moderator on NUMA, use 15 'One' Tiles.
If you are not an Administrator on NUMA, use 1 'Five' Tile.

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The zap drones were nice, but the laser didn't work well IMO and the exterior portions of the map were bland.

Good thing I'm not still judging, huh? ;p


Nice golds. Cool zap drone timing.
cuz i'd get all of those things xD

pretty nice