Africa and southwest Eurasia

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Author koipen
Tags africa author:koipen continent eurasia nart rated tileset
Created 2011-03-26
Last Modified 2011-03-26
by 6 people.
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Description Turned out much better than I thought. Africa is pretty good, as os middle-east but Greece is screwed up.

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i guess so yur so good at it :P


this is new mappack thing quite spectacular im guessing australiasia is up next?

That's why it's (+ oceania)

no german ._____.
great tiles


Maybe. I got to do the continents (+ oceania) first.



Well, alright.

Here is me screwing around.
Demo Data

I fixed India and Sri Lanka, because those mistakes were so eggregious. I'm doing other continents after this.
And Spain needs some working. Also, India and Sri Lanka are waaayyyy out of proportion. I'm fine with Greece (because it's Greece :p).