New Conundrum

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Author jasdanu
Tags author:jasdanu simplechallenge unrated
Created 2011-03-30
Last Modified 2011-03-30
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description A Thwump CJ mine challenge.

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Haven't played this game in a while.
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First try.

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too easily cheatable.
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annoying map...
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Demo Data
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a little slower :(
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"I'm ArPo, I read CJ as corner jump and not initials"

first rate

I like the SC because it is not very complicated, but as karma says, if you want to be the best is madness. (I'm not very good in cornerkicks and less on thwumpscornerkicks ...)
I prefer the style of your previous map more.
but this is also good.


i believe this is how it was meant to be done.
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ya. i was aiming for thwump cornerjump practice with the mine-tile added challenge

speedrun, not much of a challenge to beat, but it's a challenge and a half to improve your demo!
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There we go

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messed up

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