The Paratrooper

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Author Tommy_Wiseau
Tags 50 author:tommy_wiseau dda nonplayable rated
Created 2011-04-02
Last Modified 2011-05-16
by 30 people.
Map Data

Description *****NOTICE*****
Do not play this in NReality, or else it won't work! Play in v1.4!

My 50th map! Just over 3000 frames. I worked hard on this DDA, and I hope you enjoy it.

A lot of thanks to Romaniac for his feedback.

And a lot of thanks to people who have been awesome, helpful, favourite mapmakers of mine, Room fans, Whist players, or because they asked:
KinGAleX, Blackson, godless, GamingWolf, AF, Life247, Vyacheslav, Eevee, gloomp, Bio, Calvin, romaniac, sunset, Jig, AlliedEnvy, Snuggletummy, skyline, 1211, flag, lsudny, my_stro, shortshift and others! Sorry if I forgot you!

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Got pretty intense in the last 1/3.
it's still really awesome!

Also, I've never ever liked gausses in DDAs. This deserves a 4.

PS: Of course I'm on the list. <3



ery crazy guy!

that part with the thwump!!


because everyone is kind of a little desperate for an ego stroke, Tommy. >_>

Yeah, it's really hot though. Like, I'm surprised this DDA didn't light my pants on fire. Legit.

This is epic!

I was on the edge of my seat through the whole thing. This is just too legit. 5aved 5aved 5aved!!! =D
Happy 50th!

I am not in sidke.

This disappoints my furry.


This makes my 50th map look like shit.


Does everybody want to be thanked, especially those who I have had no contact with whatsoever?

I'm not on the list either. :|
And i'm not on the list. ;_;
For some reason, the ninja gets killed at that point in NReality. Doesn't happen in 1.4, though.

Nice one,

got kinda boring after a while, though. Congrats on 50 maps.

Also, what am I doing wrong?
Demo Data

Mad cool dda

I don't usually vocalise my opinions on DDAs because someone inevitably pops up and explains how it's actually mediocre compared to all the DDAs that they've played.

This time, however, I am going to make an exception and say fuck that guy, this is awesome. Absolutely amazing close calls, and fantastic thwump and laser usage.

yay, sidke.

you're still popular, sidke


What are you talking about, of course you're on my list! ;)

Demo Data

ya'll need to learn about sidke
I feel inspired to make another. You and a few others are like that to me. Happy 50th!

i am also not in that list. kids don't know about me anymore

I´m not in the list ;(

great dda


I´m not in the list ;(

happy 50th

great map