Tiny Giants

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Author TheNCreator
Tags action author:thencreator gauss rated seekers tnc
Created 2011-04-02
Last Modified 2011-04-02
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description this might have been something

I'm kindof going away from races, I'm stil making them, but I usually get one that I like in 15 tries...

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Another KRA race

Here []
Here []
He's the NUMA admin and all so he should know what the problem is.


all maps were presented at normal, so the mappack is not nreality, sorry.
I know that you are able to make some awesome maps without nreality, thanks

Several months ago, Let's try to do a 'Mappack Collab' with multiple users on NUMA.
It's interesting. But only Sunset, Chrdrenkmann, brinleyfish, lsudny and 1211 have presented their maps.
I like that you also participated.
Let me explain:

Do not know if you knew my 'Commando Collab with apakenua'? (links are on my profile page)
By the way, 'Commando Episode Collab' not only was it a collab with apakenua. He also tried to be a 'Commando Collab MapPack' that was never completed. Only Sunset, lsudny, brinleyfish, Chrdrenkmann and 1211 presented their maps. Now you can collaborate and be if once and for all we finished.
Want to participate?
You have to create the gameplay for these 5 tiles. Almost can not modify any of the tile. The thickness of the tile has to be respected. Could only make small changes with respect to the aesthetics of 5tiles. And if you want small, very small changes tiles inside the playable area.
You have to create a unique style gameplay and there is a correlation between the 5. With a progressive increase in difficulty.
Sunset, lsudny, Chrdrenkmann, brinleyfish and 1211, did a great job. Label each style and there are similarities between the maps presented by each one.
All maps will be presented in 50 maps Mappack in the forums.
The Five Commando MapPack Tiles []
I'm looking forward.

The idea:
The tiles are the same for everyone.
Tiles are the same for 'Commando Collab with apakenua'.
This is the fun and special of the MapPack. What makes it unique and different.
That 10 mapmakers created in the same 5 Tiles, gameplays and distinct concepts, seeing the style of each.
This was fun and exciting.
And then those who participated in the mappack can play the maps created by others. Knowing that is the same self Tile and also created a map with that Tile.
See the differences. And enjoy the work of others that began on the same basis.
I think it's an interesting idea.
I hope that you too will be.

I forgot.
When finish yours Five Maps, send to:
I hope so.

Thanks, zoasBE.
Just comment on one of his maps and he'll set you up.

I see that we are

both Creators... That might make you an enemy. :P
I like the perp jumps and the jumps from one slope to the next to build up speed. and the gold I added kind of quickly, and so i see what you mean. thnaks for the feedback!

Nice tiles,

intense gameplay. The gold could've been better, though. Also, I'd like some bounceblocks to make it easier to reach the upper parts. 3.5^

I liked it.

It didn't need the seekers, really. The gausses were, for the most part, fine. 3.5^


yeah i see what you mean

Shit, I like this one. (Too many lasers for me though, 1 is enough imo)