Test Tube Society

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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator flow race rated rocket tnc
Created 2011-04-02
Last Modified 2011-04-02
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description why must it be this way?

ded to firetamer2

ratings will prob get fucked up

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Very innovative


I can get sub1000.

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This happened?

Demo Data
I know you can do anything interesting, Highscorers maps, single, Conceptuals, whatever.
I need you.
No one wants to work, and time has been over.
I ask this as a personal favor, collab me 5, only 5 maps.


sorry to be so overwhelming and heavy, but I need yours awesomish 5 maps to complete the mappack. The deadline would be Thursday night. You can get it?
encouragement. do not let me down.
that mostly made this quite unplesent but it looks good and... I belive that's it for me didn't like the flow mutch so... 3/5 cause race maps are hard to make and well... yeah
Especially the top left corner. It's cool, but sort of annoying.

My shitty demo

gotta be fast
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