03-2: Goldgoldgold!

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Author ENT474
Tags 03-2 action author:ent474 kobold unrated
Created 2011-04-08
Last Modified 2011-04-08
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Description An alternative name for this map [].


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rounded up

wait a sec

how did you know it was my birthday?

On topic: I like the gold placement along the thwump path.


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stylish slide off the back of the thwump speedrun
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it looks terrible, plays awkwardly, and the gold is all over the show. You needed to emphasise more the fact that you can land and jump without setting the laser off. As it is, it's just avoiding the floor every now and then.
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And one more

Because I was bored.

4/5 for map
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Proper Speed

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Kinda speed

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