Anemone Border War

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Author TheNCreator
Tags 10mm action author:thencreator rated tnc
Created 2011-04-12
Last Modified 2011-04-12
by 7 people.
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Description just a simple skirmish thats all. they were fighting ove rwho got to devour those tasty gauss. And you got caught inside.

Life sucks bro


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very , very , very disturbing map...sory but I don't like it...
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Want to collab a race again?

But this time we try to make the map as we go along, adding flow and what not.

Took a few goes

All I had to do was make sure the gauss was in the right place before going up the difficult ones.
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Demo Data

great map

AGD is very difficult for me. I'll get it sometime.

I like this.

Kinda repetitive, but also the fun repeats!

I made a map [] that was inspired by this map.


i watched that like 5 times in a row

Oh dear.

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