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Author ultimatereading
Tags agd author:ultimatereading rated sketchy sparky
Created 2011-04-15
Last Modified 2011-04-15
by 8 people.
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Description a little 10 minute map. I really tried with the flow this time cause im not that great at it :L

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I also

like this route, even though the beginning is a bit awkward :)
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I like this route

and this was the best I could do :)
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5/5 as a 10mm

Great highscoring map exactly as i like.

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good luck

Also here is the laser annoying but I don´t know how to change it. Rest is great
I like the drones but the laser is a bit annoying and the second "place of gold" is really hard to catch because it´s to high and the laser kill me by trying to catch the gold.
The map is good but AGD is frustrating


defiantely improving. a really good map


Just tell me what you want on the map! If you see what karmap0lice requested (see his comment) this is his userbar


If you look at the bottom of the comments I put a few "example userbars" on there. A userbar can be put as your sig for fourms or you can put it on your profile. My thing was you tell me what you want it to look like and say. I do music as in bands, video games, systems, movies.. anything.
i have atm nearly 2 hours spare time a day.. :/
do you wanna submit the last maps..?

first try agd
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This is very cool.

You're really developing quickly.
like it.
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I think , it was speed...
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not bad

sub 700 agd
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Pretty cool.
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