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Author Njitsu
Tags author:njitsu featured rated tileset
Created 2011-04-16
Last Modified 2011-04-16
by 11 people.
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Description tileset

This map was featured on 2011-05-03

His false priests and prophets are lying to him. They say they'll lead him to a nirvana. A place where there is gold everywhere, and the drones are all NaN'd. Crippled. But this is not the case.

Should he follow in their footsteps, he will find nothing. Nothing but jagged cliff-edges serving as a meagre entertainment - the only such privilege he would enjoy for all eternity.

Although, we are all mappers here, so I guess we could add some entertainment for the little guy... — squibbles

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i dont think ill ever make anything this pretty

and used again



thanks for the feature!!!

surprised though because this was a 15 minute map :P

uhm maxson

hes not trolling...


Demo Data


I was wondering the /exact/ same thing as Rose.


I was wondering the /exact/ same thing as Rose.

reminds me of riobe

who probably was influenced by mappers before i came around, i'm sure

The circles.

I did not like them.

What, ethel?

Aside from the obvious trolling, fbf never commented on this map.

tilesets feel so

only half done to me.

seventwo is right

it's a modern art type, but it needs something else to go with it.
Try harder. 1 ninja for the effort slick boy.



tiles. congratz of the well deserved feature :D love them great tileset feauture 5aved

This bores me

Because this would be the usual tileset 4 years ago.

pretty dull

grats on first

This tileset is super fly.
But then again Njitsu's tilesets are /all/ hardcore.

only part i like is the far left tunnel thing, the rest i felt was boring :/
grats on the feature though!


1 - Great feature
2 - TILE feature
3 - Njitsu feature.



Tileset feature. YES.

I dig it too.

damn good.



I tried to.

And failed.

and please use this tileset. It's wicked awesome.