A feeling like floating.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese concept nreality rated
Created 2011-04-17
Last Modified 2011-04-17
by 7 people.
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Description Teaser for an upcoming map. Maybe. Feedback appreciated.
Have fun everyone! :D

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That's really cool!



really slow. love it
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It was juts the amount of programs I had on at the time. This is pretty good.
When you think about it, it's amazing how far N, as a game, has developed. From simple platform jumper to utilising imagery in the background, NReality, and the subsequent result of original and innovative map concepts like this being created... I don't think I've ever seen such dramatic additions to a game. This community's done a damn good job on N, that's for sure.

oh hot damn

that was insane

Tetris! ;D

Glad to see you back.

PRetty cool map

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Hells yeah!

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So close ;-;

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Aw shit.

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Sorta :D
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Sorta. ;)
Welcome back!