Why do people post mappacks?

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Author koipen
Tags action author:koipen bad mappacks people stupid unrated
Created 2011-04-18
Last Modified 2011-04-18
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Description Say you have 50 maps. You can a) publish them separately and each gets lots of comments and attention or b) publish them in pack, where msot will be ignored and maps receive less attention. Mappack maps are bad or Mappack makers are stupid are the only possible answers from people valuing attention in nmaps.

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I like mappacks

maybe one day I will make one.
They hatin'.
still mad about this




Demo Data


Koipen has put THE FEAR into PALEMOON XD


sorry that was rude

somebody delete that

Its a simple answer

Because they want to. Deal with it xD

First try speed run
Demo Data


I laugh my head off
They don't work well by themselves, so if you play a group of them they work better.

Koipen maps are bad. koipen makers are stupid.
because you want people to experience a certain bunch of your maps in a composition you enjoy and from which you think the maps benefit from. it's not always about the attention, y'know ;)

People like me canĀ“t wait to submit a map, so they submit any map. But in the time when the map is on the hot map page they do not know what to do. So they map more maps. After a time they have 50 maps. What to do? To publish them separately take to much time. So they make a mappack and piblish it because than all the maps are publish and they can make more maps. Like a Vicious circle.

I want to know why.


I don't see why you have to make a big deal about it. It just the person's decision to make a mappack.