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Author Seneschal
Tags author:seneschal contesque drones encrypted featured fractal rated terpsichore
Created 2011-04-18
Last Modified 2013-01-17
by 15 people.
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Description Mappack preview, I guess, if I ever get around to finishing it.

For fractal too, since it kinda fits.

This map was featured on 2011-06-24

Well. I was about to write a little parody on the maze scene in Harry Potter 4 (it was actually shaping up quite nicely), but then I realized the inherent similarities between our dear chaser drones and the infamous Blast-Ended Skrewt.

Flummoxed, I took a break and read the end of Goblet of Fire again for some context. (The man with one eye and one leg isn't, after all, friendly? Who the fuck knew!)

So anyway, some of those drones are spiders, some are skrewts and one is a sphinx. And you are, of course, Fleur Delacour. Have at it!


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slightly faster
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You bitches

are so slow. XD

yeah if i had control of the reviewer jive currently i would streamline

some of them lately have been barely english it seems like


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Seneshal get the 5. Place and 2 Featureds because of Fraktal XD

This map

would have been way better if it had the word 'Gateau' in the tiles.
I found myself squashed between two chasers many a time. The review was very good. 4

Just sayin'.

Although he's not a patch on you flag, obviously ;)

I love how after I made all these positive comments on your fractal maps, toasters asked me to judge.

Ah, cheers flag!

Here's an agd. Boy this map is intense!
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Incredible map. I'm a sucker for this kind of thing, yes, but the sheer scale of this map should blow anyone away. atob+Yahoozy cross. 5aved.

Sorry Seneschal, AGD has not succeeded, I'll explain why on the map.
(We need a rate for public, there you have it. 5)


I much liked the random difficulty, and sense of being on edge. Probably too long to get a decent demo though, my only qualm. 3.5/5
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Epic concept.

Yet practically wearing gameplay. I'm keen on seeing your mappack released...
this is great stuff, if a little too frustrating at times

intense stuff.

me likes.