10-0 Tunnel rodent

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Author koipen
Tags 10-0 action author:koipen rated rodent tunnel
Created 2011-04-22
Last Modified 2011-04-22
by 6 people.
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Description A new column starter. Easy, but agd has some nice challenge.

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Floorguard used pretty fine. Liked the feeling of getting gold.

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Demo Data
didn't like the barebones feel, like Mr_M said.

strange map

for me the tiles are interesting. as simple to use E tiles and the placement of objects suggests an interesting challenge. Well execution, this new column presents interesting, keep it up!. 4


really enjoyable map. Gameplay feels like a metanet episode. The only thing that doesn't entirely appeal to me is the "bare-bones" aesthetic.
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I take that back

the fact that it seems like it should be easier than it is makes the challenge genuinely compelling

This drone

might just be a little bit too effective at destroying every move you try to make