10-1 Electri City VII

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Author koipen
Tags 10-1 action author:koipen fractal high rated thing
Created 2011-04-22
Last Modified 2011-04-22
by 5 people.
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Description My fractal entry. I hate doing symmetric maps. This one has some asymmetry with the enemies, but it's all fine.

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I just thought I'd say that it's always really cool when I notice someone digging through my old maps and giving them some love. Cheers for all the agds.

My n skills have really deteriorated so after many tries I couldn't even get a completion. It is a fun map.
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I liked it. It's pretty enjoyable.

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I just want to say that this map isn´t as good as you other electri city maps

no I doesn´t rate anyway
There have been a couple of snipes lately.

That was mean.

Gosh. I hope Jeremoon didn't effect your decision to leave. He's bad at criticism, although he does try to make it constructive.

Is that enough criteria for 0?

When I read "Electri City" I think this map would be awesome