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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 collab lukesv unrated
Created 2011-04-24
Last Modified 2011-04-24
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Map Data

Description In reference to LUKESV style with triangles.

Collab with him also.

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ye but i mean u say to me that i should watch these other authors but i do not understand their style or how to make the guy move by being pushed by trap doors. And then this guy Jeremoon makes my name as an bad example for bad kradda┬┤s but i have never done a kradda so yeah.





Well thanks

for the reply. :)

I would be glad to help. :)


Messy and pretty bad object placement. Sorry.



I like it, good gauss in the top left. The rocket was fairly tough to, but not as much.

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it has

come. []

Also I see that this map has no comment or rates... or demos... I hate that so expect to hear from me later.