go for a slowlife

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Author schaaaf
Tags action author:schaaaf easy flow unrated
Created 2011-04-24
Last Modified 2011-04-24
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Description yup

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Yes, definitely go through that bounce and jump with these race'ish elements, that rocket, and those floorguards after a fun and cinematic fall in beginning it's frankly awesome. XD

The beginning, while challenging and technical (I do not find it annoyingly hard) it's really /really/ awesome. Super cinematic thing!
Well deserved 5 because also everything else was really good. I can see also in your maps the losttortu and hooz influences. :D

Sure, that's fine

Blargh, not fun. ;-;

lil demo

Demo Data

the beginning and the end part is annoyingly hard :(
Demo Data
sogar einfach würd ich sagen :O

Ich kenne mich nicht gut aus in der schaaafologie und ich bin auch kein schaaafologe aber ich glaube diese map grenzt schaaarf and einer fast unmöglichen map