21-2: A Year Until Today

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe entireoneyear rated thanks uap
Created 2011-04-24
Last Modified 2011-04-24
by 12 people.
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Description Thanks to Metanet Software
Thanks to Everyone Here

All together we're making something big ...

Today marks the date on which a year ago, I downloaded N and started to marvel.

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and saying that you can't change things is stupid. Just try empathy. Think about how a person will react before you do something. Respect peoples opinions and preferences. When someone asks you to stop something that is bothering do it. Just be an overall nice person.

And will you please stop putting yourself down. Seriously, how can you expect anyone to like you if you don't like yourself?
"And you're right, it is my only fault. But I can not change things"

Of course you can change things. People disagree that's how it works. People don't decide they can't be friends because they have different opinions. That would be stupid.

But if someone explains their point of view to you you have to accept it. You don't have to agree with it...

And automatically saying: "so sorry I am wrong you are right so sorry." That doesn't help anyone. It doesn't help me understand your point of view and it doesn't help you understand me.

You believe that no one should upload a map unless they can AGD it. You are great at playing N and you can AGD things very easily compared to me.

I can't and so perhaps my maps reflect that. I am not able to AGD the map that we made yesterday. I am able to get all the gold except for the gold behind the exit. Me AGDing it is not going to happen. BUT I think it is a great map that could be enjoyed and therefore I think that it should be submitted.

I would love it if you submitted the map even though I cannot AGD it. If you don't want to then that is fine, I will respect that decision. If you won't submit it then we can either submit nothing or edit the map to make it beatable by me (perhaps making it a less challenging map). Keep in mind that I think that we should submit the first version even though I can't beat it.

That is how I see our situation. PLEASE. If you think you misunderstand what I am saying tell me, and i will try to clarify.

Yes, I have

Commando: *sale volando por los cielos con un cuchillo tactico*

What's a mapdraft map? :\

Gratz on mahi's ded!
Also i have ded on 213592 for you, check it out!

I've been playing N on and off for 5 years now.
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You dinged.


Good job

being able to take the punches this place throws. They usually discourage most new mappers, so in recognition...
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of course

I will when I get a chance


i also want to congratulate you
I really enjoyed it.


i played this map for a while 4
but thanks
@karma: beauty, but I won ;P
@mahi: a lot of thanks, also, my Ded Map ???

happy numa-birthday!
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zoas ded!

(put it on your profile :P)
You play first time N at eastern?


an other rute
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Faster Speedrun

sub400 route
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another route
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que sean muchos más y moviendo la cabeza
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just to enjoy as I enjoyed watching this demo, I will continue making maps, and love playing N.


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Map 108