Lab Work III

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Author traction
Tags action author:traction fractal lab nreality rated
Created 2011-04-26
Last Modified 2011-04-26
by 7 people.
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Description I think this a worthy successor.

Spent about 15 hours on the map and another 20 making ugly image maps that i ultimately deleted.

Lots of fun little n-reality elements and hopefully some good action. Go for that quick AGD!

here's what the imagemap looked like.. you can switch out the last few lines of code if you want to play with them on.

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This is an nreality MARVEL i love this, when i get around to it, I'm adding this to my profile favs.


about the best i could do SR. i think 140+ agd would be possible.. and spent about 2 hours trying to get one but eventually gave up.

aeth: yes, i agree a rocket or gauss would be nice in the top level, and i had one in during earlier phases of testing. sadly due to the limitations of nreality the more crap you add the buggier and laggier it gets. in this case, if you spawned N in the top area, it worked fine, but if you came there from the bottom in one shot (like you would in a full demo) the targeting was really messed up. no idea why but if anyone knows how to fix it i'd put a rocket back up there..
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hard working here. I love the map. I love the images (I do not know which I prefer!). Thanks. For this a deserved 5.

This is sick

I will be disappointed if this isn't among the winners. 5aved.

AGD -1

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Amazing work with triggers! I've always been a fan of you about nreality.

This is hard ._.

But very nice!
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I never did work out how to use area triggers.
I really think that this is a great map, aside from a few annoyances.
Minor frustration with the starting floorguards. But they were easy once you figured the timing.
The rocky drones move pretty fast, making getting the gold on the ceiling very challenging to get.
I love the look of how the mines fling out. Lovely.
Perhaps a rocket for the very top?
Ah well. You can really see the hard work put into this map, 5aved for your efforts.
Here is my completion demo.
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pretty slow but this gives you an idea of the best flow
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