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Created 2011-04-26
Last Modified 2011-04-26
by 9 people.
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Description I like this map, and I hope you enjoy it as well as I did. Inspired by hoohah.

Edit: Took out some of the gold.

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Chaingun use is really good, also the alternative route while turning back is clever.

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in IRC?
(I like your rating count = 600)


I'm sorry i got distracted but i havnt forgotten, i swear
Our collab was not an auralsex one, since it was just two people. Could you remove the tag?

Agreed with mystro.

Otherwise, has a pretty cool oldschool feel. 3.5 down.
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I've been a little out of NUMA and my pc, but I have worked in our random tile map, and made ​​something spectacular, you'll see. 4

I liked this ma up until you put the bounce block glitch in there...I mean with the chain guns staring right at you it just makes it too difficult. Otherwise this was great, felt like an old school map that I used to play on v1.3 with the userlevels (huge compliment because I loved those) if you could make that gold more accessible I would LOVE this.
but the chainguns didnt seem effective, and i really liked the gold between the bridges. all in all, 3.5^

I like the one way bridge system
but gold is overdone to the point of redundancy, no need for so much since it just clutters the aesthetic. chainguns were almost entirely ineffective since gameplay consisted of running back and forth. and the hooha influence was obvious and overdone as well, it resembles almost exactly map's he's made, except without as good of gameplay or aesthetics.