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Author apakenua
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Created 2011-04-26
Last Modified 2011-04-27
by 25 people.
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Description Eroooooooooodinnnnggggg!

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this is cool

too many mines though


this map has more rates then any of mine.

Don't quit.




don't ever remember where i answered you in the first place but yeah, here [] was my original game experiment thingy :D over 2500 downloads haha


reading for your first feauture :)
Poor switch placement, especially the one for the launchpad guarded by bad oneways. Getting the switches at the top was mundane and a contrived way to fit so many ugly doors in the bottom section. The oneways in the bottom section are terribly placed and tend to hinder the player. Also, mines there present visual and actual clutter. 2/5.

faster AGD

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I /really/

Didn't think it was that hard. :|




Fuck yea!!! :D
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its possible but a bit hard. i give 4/5 for complexity.
Once I got through it, I really didn't enjoy the rest of the map as much as everyone else seems to have. ganteka is pretty spot-on with his comment there. The mine section is just too cramped and exacting imo. The mechanic with the laser bearing down on you through the minefield is excellent, just not executed too well. Three.

I love the drone mechanics
i love it...
starting collab next week?..have to work the whole week till monday cuz of writing a projekt for school about "how the alps arose"...a lot of geology stuff ^^


i miss the beauty in this map, game-lay is swell tho

nice map

threw me off with the laser there :). Everything else nice. 3^


thanks. Too bad you didn't rate :) (did you?). Thanks anyway, appreciate it.

dont mind

but the badge with a blue rim just put reading f.c or something


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ammmazing but no thanks there is only one girl for me :P selena <3 can you do me one for reading fc cause there my football team :P

wow smokin

who is she :L


I'll be on IRC later.

Plays well,

just too many mines at some places. 3.5


Mines provide a really cramped gameplay, but the map looks good, has good jumper sections, and the drones at the bottom part are really effective.

mines were way overblown and cramped, there are so many more innovative and eyepleasing ways to limit off walls or create obstacles. the map was so technical constantly it's of a minejumper than an action map, though maybe you were going for that, and the launchpad seemed like a copout to creating tiles that would force a player to parallel jump up to the top, a much more engaging/enjoyable challenge than what's presented.
I'm sorry.

this is fantastic pak...this....THIS is how you make a feature worthy map! 5/faved



hahahahahha good stuff




this is great! don't worry bout your skills!

replace the rocket

with a laser
I thought this was quite cool. Maybe too hard, and Viil-ish (which isn't bad!).