Mayan Temple Complex

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Author traction
Tags author:traction fractal maya nreality puzzle rated
Created 2011-04-29
Last Modified 2011-04-29
by 26 people.
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This is my first puzzle, and I don't think I'll be making many more. So much headache. I'm glad it's finished though, and I think it came out pretty nice.

This is for fractal, obviously.

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You have become a very very good nreality makar

This is very cool

Favourited cos the image + concept.


I don't see "user levels" notepad in nreality's folder. What now? where can I copy the mapdata?

I have :D

I have nreality already, but noone said I should use that. And how can I open debug mode in that? same way? I'll try that.

so nreality

is made by numa user Unreality, its basically another program that wraps around N and allows it to do some new stuff, like a drone that drops tiles or mines that move on a path (used in this map)

you can download it here
and learn more here

You need n-reality

Ill elaborate later when im not on my phone unless someone else does

uh yeah...?

I still don't get it :s I did what you said, and finally (my keyboard is not english) (with my caps lock ON) I could see the replay. I saw 3 of them, and what I could see is this: get the left bottom trigger then the right bottom trigger, and then run into the mine on the left.
That's what I saw (I checked 3 replays) :D so... I tried it. And nothing happened. I still don't get it :(

My keyboard looks like this:
But 3 is 3, q is q and p is p. So that's not the problem.


you need to paste the level data in debug mode in the top box and the demo in the bottom one, then press 3, q then p, make sure caps lock is off.. lol sounds a bit complicated but it's not hard...

I can't watch the replays of you. I copy and past them into that white box beside the user levels, and click on 'replay' but nothing happens... Am I doing something wrong?


sub 1300
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of sidke

lol sidke
I love the part where you think the drone bugs and you can't get a vital switch, but when you go for it the drone path changes, saving your life :D

i like how

i can see your image map without loading it into n

Pretty cool

I like how it seems to solve itself.


Yeah I wish the chainguns were a little more alert.. I think it just comes with all the nreality overhead. I agree the tile drones are a little annoying to jump on, their collison is like 3px smaller than a real tile so that leads to some unavoidable issues. I tried to hide them with real tiles as much as possible.
i think everyone uses it these days but still

the hanging moss

was absolutely gorgeous

Complex Mayan Temple.

Good Map



you've also given me some ideas for a game or 2 i'm making ;)
but that's just a minor nuisance compared to the epic gameplay, and atmospheric graphics. faved.


sick map. like a boawwwsss.
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Innovative, good puzzle.
Demo Data


I love all the trigger job. It wasn't too hard for me, either. My demo is my second try, because in the first one I got killed by the drone :P

Demo Data

*first try

I find the way by first way :)
Nice map

Better agd

And this is very easy, I don't know what sunset is talking about.
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Very cool, although the chainguns are terribly unobservant.
Demo Data


Puzzling, entertaining, beautifully designed.


it's pretty!!! 5

speedy agd
this was great!
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this is about the fastest route i've found so far, though there are many others
Demo Data

start on the left

if you're having trobule


its so ez

Really tricky.

I almost had it once, but then I saw the mistake I made. Too lazy/tired/bored/I don't know what else to complete it, sorry.