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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru fractal playable rated rotational symmetry windburnt
Created 2011-04-30
Last Modified 2011-04-30
by 9 people.
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Description Brzzl. Late entry for fractal.

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Could you re-send me that map you wanted me to playtest? I'll try and get it done as soon as possible.


the thing i was doing took me much longer that was expecting :/
but i can playtest those maps ;) im on IRC a lot, so just join and ask me, if im not in there just comment on one of my maps.
sorry for taking too long on that fucking thing (which was having lunch and washing the dishes and all that stuff)
bye ;)
It's just, that I only have been mapping for my mappack lately, which is to be released 23rd of August. Just make sure you play it!


Yeah haha. :p

I'm really trying to stay as unorthodox as possible nowadays. This isn't working out as well as I'd hoped, but it's working out nonetheless.


All demo gold


Your maps continue to amaze me D_G. Very, very solid map. Loved the pathing and the lasers.

Also I got this on the fourth try (no idea how) and the floor guard came as a complete surprise. I missed it out of complete luck lol.
Demo Data
Summer job is getting in the way and my free time is limited.

---ruined kingdom.
the drones were tricky in a good way, the laser was a nice catch. i like it.

---tightrope walk.
interesting map, love the hallucinogenic tileset. not much to it though.

---pillars of earth. hey there is a tv series called pillars of earth yeah.
nice map. i like the static feel of it, you know what i mean? i mean nothing is moving but you, the threat, and the rocket, the guard. good map.

---empire of treen.
good mechanics, reminded me of bloodymoonlike in some parts. puzzlish.

i really like the concept, and it plays well and looks good. not much to say, another cool map

nice map. good mechanics.

the oneways were too tricky at places, otherwise not bad.

---yrr. yyyyyyyyyyrrrrrrr.
yrr, i liked how open it was. faved?

---apocalypto, the laserhorse.
laser map... not much fun imo

it was gimmicky to get up higher from the bottom... the gauss could be placed better, the trapdoors are annoying to get. the tiles were sweet though.

---end transmission
////// ////////////
can you please send me the whole pack to playtest one more time :)


Submitted the collab. Thanks, you've done a great work! I'd love to do it again.
Die Map war die einzige, die weder Kommentare noch Ratings bekam. Und das Thumbnail hat wieder nicht funktioniert.


Give me a link :P

Good luck on your exams!

I have 2 exams next Friday and Saturday, so looks like it will take long ^^ You may post the tileset whenever you wish, don't haste.


Just pastebin it back on my Comment Map. :D
I'll try to get it done as soon as possible. I really want it to be released this summer as well.


This map follows the style just as i love! I love how laser drones are effective on providing a flowy and challenging gameplay.

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bravo! 5

Pretty cool map.

Plus it's a symmetrical object. :D

faster still

Demo Data

faster agd

Demo Data


There are lots of nifty little mechanics in this map: the little one-way shortcuts, the thwump/switch combo, the way the top laser comes back into play when you head to the exit...

All in all, a very solid action map. I would ask whether the way the top floorguard rushes off the map is intentional, however, as it seems a bit odd.
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