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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 map rules tumblr unrated
Created 2011-05-03
Last Modified 2011-05-03
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Description Follow that shizz. []

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The map was exciting but the site was fucking awesome. I loved the USPS post I lol'd soooo hard!
I just wanted to make a map with the packs I made. :p


taking all the wins, I really gotta work on my map now...
unfortunate rule pack but this is a really nice map :/

Here's an AGD-2.

This may or may not work with NReality or N. But it's worth a shot.
Demo Data
What Lies Beneath ~~ Life247
Any triggers (including the exit switch) or gold must lie under a tile, but still needs to be accessible.

Velvet Boxers and Knee-High Socks Make The World Go Round ~~ Life247
5 Blue Drones
2 Trap Doors
1 Normal Door
40-50 Gold
15 Mines
1 Floorguard

Negative Space ~~ Life247
30 e-tiles
20 2-tiles
15 5-tiles
20 6-tiles
1 4-tile