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Author 1211
Tags author:1211 mapdraft mapdraft4 unrated
Created 2011-05-04
Last Modified 2011-05-05
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Map Data

Description I hope I get better packs. Not too hard of a map.

Green Hill Zone

10 'Eight' Tiles
15 'E' Tiles
10 'Four' Tiles

DYODE (Do Your Own Door Eerie)

20 Locked Doors
20 Trap Doors
20 Normal Doors
4 Gold

Transparent Weak Spot

1 Locked Door
30 One-Way Platforms
up to 15 Mines
up to 2 Gauss Turrets
2 'E' Tiles
5 'Five' Tiles
7 'Four' Tiles
9 'One' Tiles

Crushloader Express by gloomp

Any thwumps you recieved must be arranged in rows or stacks of four or more.

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Amazing job despite these packs!

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This look fine?

kinda cool

i like the whole my firzt map guyzz look

because the gameplay's actually pretty decent

koipen be happy!
not very pretentious, but well executed. The route works well, the gausses too and I love climbing up jumping in the trickydoors
good attempt with yours packs! 5


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