lancaster grotto

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags author:radiumfalcon conen difficult moa-reject radium rated rf-collab
Created 2011-05-08
Last Modified 2011-05-08
by 10 people.
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Description hey guys. nice to be here again. i'm a little over halfway done with my pack, if anyone is wondering (32/50). lately, i've been spending my free time playing SC2 with shortshift<3

anyway, enjoy this old collab with Conen__TG_!

edit: changed gold. thanks mahi.

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But, I'd still like to start a new collab because i was having a lot of fun with that. You wanna start again?

This fucking map

is near perfection! I love the left side bit and the trek across the top. Chainguns not too overpowering, minimal gold is just enough to provide a fun side challenge. 5aved dude. And of course we can collab, but you'll have to start because Im in a slight mappers block atm.

Also, I will try to bring back my more classic conen quirky mapping style for this collab. :)

Here's something...

Feel free to fuck things up as much as you like. Even make something else - I'm bone-dry of inspiration right now.

Hey, man.

About that collab we decided to do a while back but never did... I really can't come up with any tiles for your style. I'll try to provide some tiles, but I really can't figure out what to do.

Oh hi


tiles arent that

great. i dont wanna know why im wrong




Would you like to collab? o.o

...says radium, king of appealing tilesets. Oh wait.
"also avoid radium. turns out it kills you."


shit nigga

we need to play some sc2 sometime :D

love the map!! keep mapping please :]
messed up the second half of the demo but its got a nice start
Demo Data
I'd move the pair of mines 2 or 3 pixels over.

damn you SC2

for splitting up those servers. :(

Chainguns and annoying mines make for annoying movement. It looks very nice though.


How can anything in N not look amateur? It's not like you make any money playing or making the maps.

Also @Mahi_mahi:

Lol at your vocabulary with "omniscient". It means "omni" - all, "scient" - knowing. I hardly think their reach is allknowing. Perhaps you meant "omnipotent"?


I liked it. But the bottom part is a little too difficult, I find. Even out the difficulty curve a little more.
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while i appreciate any feedback, i respectfully disagree with your demonstrated by my AGD that was completed in under 5 tries, this map is quite simple to complete if one possesses the correct skill set.

i happen to enjoy tough jumping in my maps, with chainguns spewing lead at every moment.

i enjoy that sort of high-intensity gameplay. i am sorry if you don't. that doesn't make the map poor. every object in this map was placed carefully.

hardly amateur.

but thank you for the criticism :)
lol. I"ll play it tomorrow when im not comletely hammered.

Not only do I agree with mahi 100% but I disagree with 1211 100%.
This map was far from perfect. The tiles looked amateur at best. The jump into the 'upper half' of the map was a bitch with the chain gun on your ass. there were so many mines that did absolutely nothing besides clutter the map. Plus almost every route has at least 4 awkward ass jumps. This is literally one of my least favorite maps by you.
P.S. I feel I can be this brutally honest because you're a 'veteran' mapper, your one of my favorites and your not a crybaby bitch and you can take the honesty.
But this is a 2 by your standards.
P.S.S. I gave up on beating your demo because I hated this map so much, the only thing I liked was the /old/ gold on the top....that you removed >.>


its been awhile man. its been awhile. Glad to see u back RF!

5/5 cuz i liked playing it altho it was a bit crampy with chainguns

finally you're back!!!


Thanks! I'll work on that.


i don't know why i continue to play this.
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beat me
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Aah yes

and 5aved.
The chainguns are very effective, and give this map a perfect touch of difficult. I don't mind the the limited running spaced mahi implied. The gold is really nice as well. Faved!

AGD death

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I liked it. And no prob. It's been a while since I gave some 'constructive' criticism. I guess I just did it for you. xD
Sunset helps a bunch. :/

i guess

its cause the gold is awkwardly placed
but the whole point is for this map to have tricky terrain. mahi. watch this demo. this took 2 tries.

i wrecked the chainguns. easy as pie

it's not the map its the player :P
Demo Data

These chainguns

Are awesome. I see what mahi is saying about the limited 'running' space, and I agree. I'm not sure.. I think it's fine. But if you /were/ going to go through major edits you may want to open it up a bit. But don't, it's fine. Good to see you back.


the conen part was great and the radium parts were shit. as usual.