That's What She Said

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Author apakenua
Tags author:apakenua bob here rated
Created 2011-05-08
Last Modified 2011-05-08
by 8 people.
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Description Playtested by RF, 1211, and My_Stro
Resub because I can't edit. :/

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I think

>ou can start after your edits on the tileset, with the objects. :) []

sure, but

you start. ;)


A few Tiles.
Do your edits. :)


Lets start with some Tiles. :)


why not. @ collab. :)
And, This is exactly what I think about fastposters secret underground organisations!

No man

Not Pointless...the point of those posts are to annoy us to death!!!11eleven


Fastpost are a bit annoying, arenĀ“t they? ;)

hey dude.

i'll do the tiles this or next week for the collab.
sorry that i havn't had time so far. :/

This is too open. Too much wiggle room. >_>

Being honest

I don't really understand the "that's what she said" joke. who can explain me?
that generic look completely describes a situation that perfectly is N about. not these bubbly circles and stuff. but I is still fun, and it has some innuendos for small tricks like the top left to walljump the wall and get the switch. Good job 3.5^

a really bad demo :(
the map can get really awkward in places, i felt like the areas didn't mend well either :(
Demo Data

Pig -

Moved the gold down.
the top area plays more smoothly than the first one did, but the gold in the middle section (with the two switches) is still a bit of a bitch to get. Overall though I think I enjoyed this version more.


What a beast ;) really enjoyed it :D
Demo Data