Going Through The Motions

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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 drones mapdraft mapdraft4 unrated
Created 2011-05-09
Last Modified 2011-05-09
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Mapdraft round 4. godless playtested, now the gold's pretty.

3 'Two' Tiles
1 'Eight' Tile
6 'Three' Tiles
2 'Four' Tiles
2 'E' Tiles

Patrol Hounds
4 Blue Drones (Seeker)
2 Blue Drones (Normal)
1 Blue Drone (Your Choice)
30 Gold
2 Bounce Blocks

Crowd Panic
5 Mines
100 'E' Tiles
20 'One' Tiles

Beast Denied
You can't place 'six' Tiles in your map.

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Demo Data

I dont want to be annoying but i really disliked this map. you got some amazing packs, but it seemed like you just made an experimental map cause its mapdraft. the idea wasnt overly refined and the replayability is very limited. nr

nice map, well made :]
Demo Data


Pretty cool. Well done with the whole thing.
Demo Data