One: Earthquake

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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator countdown flow race rated timing tnc
Created 2011-05-14
Last Modified 2011-05-14
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Countdown to 50, going to do a series of 4 race maps focusing on the 4 elements.

This is the first one, Hope you enjoy

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come back! D:


I would be happier, if you rate my level. :)

Hey TNC.

What's up?
Andreas has been the most active since then, but he's not quite upper-tier stuff yet. It might be worth checking him out though.



good race

not perfect though

Demo Data

Brilliant race map

I will await your next three maps in anticipation if they all can be as good as this. This was fantastic. 5aved.
make moarrr


its L sudny

thanks for all the feedback guys!

Isudny, you kind of missed the flow?


awesome flow and cool tiles!
i missed some enemies at some points though...
Also this happened to me a lot :(
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But not this one, this was stellar. Amazing quality and a wondeful race, 5.
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Demo Data
but not your worst. The only I struggled with flow was in the upper right area with the launchpad.
Demo Data
It is necessary to correct it manually;)
Anyway, map is pretty nice, but some short in comparison with your other maps. I mostly like speed start. 4.5

But it is a very nice race.


i went in and changed a mine and it screwed a lot of stuff up. it works now

Doesn't work. Floorguard should be on right.


really liked it

Heres the demo

please rate, comment, all that good stuff
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