Housing Authority

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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 rated shapes
Created 2011-05-15
Last Modified 2011-06-17
by 11 people.
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Description Might of found a new style.

Playtested by apakenua.

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4,5/5 ^

Both two routes work (clockwise and vice versa), but i guess counter-clockwise is way better.

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and '97 is when I was born too :D

faster speed

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this jump sucks
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Could be faster.

That normal door by the laser is a bit of a tease. It's basically saying "Hey, I could trap the laser drone if you want and then you'd never have to worry about it... but you can't reach me so ha ha!"
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damn you


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fastest agd (so far)
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This is solid

but I am not really a fan of the laser.


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Slow Speed

cool map 3.5/5 ^
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I love the little mini-challenges scattered around the map. There are things well executed and light tricks.
I recommend you follow this style, and try to polish it more, and do things a little more clean and tidy, and maps will be spectacular. This is impressive so far.




Fun. :)
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