The Adventures of Soap Boy!

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Author apakenua
Tags author:apakenua moa-reject moareject unrated
Created 2011-05-16
Last Modified 2011-05-16
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Description Moa-reject. RCE.
ALSO, I have some good maps coming up. GET READY.

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check out this map i found

About Limbo:

(As I'm a PC player)

Firstly, it's short. Really short. Finding secret eggs and stuff can draw out the experience, but compared to other games, quite short. Secondly, it's a puzzle game, and has the replayability of such games. Third, many have called it art. The atmosphere is something unlike any other game. And lastly, it's won lots of awards. Regardless though, if you could play a demo, you should. See if you like it.
Limbo is definitely an interesting experience. If you don't mind paying ten bucks, then by all means go ahead.

if yo want :D
There are some i like very much:
Jumper []
Old []
N-Reality []
Highscore []

And those maps are very popular by others:
Adventure []
Map 1 []
Puzzle []
Map 2 [] (you already see)
Map 3 []

These are quit lot but I already have over 500 Maps :)

thaaar you go []


I actually am right now, chillin' in my Uncle's house.



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Demo Data