E2L1: Drunkard

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Author Tommy_Wiseau
Tags 214214 author:tommy_wiseau e2l1 mappack playable unrated
Created 2011-05-18
Last Modified 2011-05-18
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Map Data

Description With great input from Life247.

I'm finding it harder and more irritating to map nowadays. I think my standards are becoming higher, but my skill isn't. I'll probably map less as a result.

RIP to the three good, half-finished maps of mine that perished to unfortunate circumstances (tile clear, power outage, tab-q).

If this mappack ever gets finished, I'll re-order it so that it makes more sense, difficulty-wise.

Made while listening to alternate live tracks from "Made in Japan". When I found out they existed, I came and came again.


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finally made it :P
Demo Data

mine is f12 :P
i don't have problems with tab+q anymore :)
i didn't have any problem with the top gauss...
anyway very fun and awesome! 5/5 and faved
Demo Data

If the top gauss couldn't see into the bottom section I'd be more inclined to like this map.