AM: La Palma

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Author sayko
Tags action author:sayko collab rated
Created 2011-05-18
Last Modified 2011-05-19
by 7 people.
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Description Collab with da_guru []. He made the impressive tileset and major changes while the mapping process.

Climb to the palm, jump to the gold!

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it just do it me and yu and i dont do email of IRC or ICR watever it is i just do it on old maps or delisted maps :) ill do tiles?

thank you!

for yur comments! i really happy someone enjoys my maps mate :D

I was thinking a 3 way collab me yu and zoas?

Very good!


back at you!!
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dem gauss

the spiky mines didn't really fit the tileset theme, otherwise it's pretty nice!
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The coconut palm with the strangest I've seen in my entire life.
you've got to turn this marvelous tileset into something gret. The gameplay is solid and correct and the enemies works well too. Very good job both.




Demo Data

Very pretty

It's also more forgiving than I thought it would be, which is nice for me since I fumble a lot on sloped tiles. I like it a lot.