Down down and out.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags 10mm action author:nachocheese nreality unrated
Created 2011-05-25
Last Modified 2011-05-25
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Description After noticing yet ANOTHER distinct lack of NReality in the NUMA community, me and my friend decided to make a high quality NReality map. In TEN MINUTES. AGAIN!

As we were saying, the journey was harsh. My friend got food poisoning after falling for such an obvious trap: he "accidently" ate rat poison. We vowed revenge on the Evil Viking Lord Gad0s for tricking us once more, especially after that cake incident. BLEH! And then out of nowhere, blood thirsty Hello Kitty zombies appeared. We ate the rat poison (again). DAMN YOU GAD0S!

Have fun everyone! :D
- (| |)
( I get hungry when I'm nervous ) :D
( Cool Story Bro )- (| |)

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The gauss part

is too hard for me to like.
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