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Author 1211
Tags action atob author:1211 rated retile tev
Created 2011-05-29
Last Modified 2011-05-29
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Retile of The Wash Room [] by TheElephantVanishes (atob).

Diagnosed by a Doctor. []

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Very well done

and a retile at that! 5


Something very strange but I think you can do a few things with this. It's a dragon/unknown thing I guess.

I'm cool with that.

Tiles will come tomorrow.


Who does what?
Who will upload it?


I generally don't like this type maps, but it's not hard to see the spent effort in this map.
I like how every single enemy have its own soul. For example, rocket chases the player to kill, just like a penguin.

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Demo Data


thanks for commenting, I was hoping for a comment like that: 'fun'.
oh, and this map is pretty wow-ish

you're wrong

wrong wrong wrong wrong

It's fun :D

what I didn't like is the exactitude needed to enter trough the "sink" if it's what it is, near the rocket. I hate tiles with exact space where the character must go in, its' really annoying and is not very good company with rockets as it can slow down and the chances of going inwards at non-stop speed is nix. other than that it was flowy fun. 4.5v
worth a watch
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Great retile. The only drawback is the laser ambiguity, and the lack of purpose, really, of the right hand side. Good fun, though. Here's quite the quick AGD.
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third try AGD.

Very nice retile! I love the laser, and the flowy bits.
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