Stone Tower

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags action author:meta_ing concept medium nreality puzzle-ish rated
Created 2011-06-01
Last Modified 2011-06-01
by 17 people.
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Description !!This map MUST be played in NReality (v6c2 or higher I believe)!!

This is a concept I came up with quite a while ago, but I only actually decided to create it today.

(If you've played Zelda - Majora's Mask, you should get the title.)

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i love nreality so muchbro


Very nice map, 5aved. :)
And hey! Unreality!

I don't get it.

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Demo Data

Actually ro/re...

Now that I think about it, you would probably have to use a different set of drones for the second transformation. (Unless someone wants to prove me wrong..? Admittedly I don't have much experience with triggers [first or second time in this map]; hell, I just completely guessed that multiple objects could be activated by one trigger...)

But anyways, the concept would still be there. It would just require more work.
Think you could work on a linux version of NReality?




Like modmaster? Or a new, separate program specifically for tile drones?

aerodynamic: It would be possible to at least move most objects to their opposite positions. (doors I'm almost positive can't be moved, but I believe switches can) Actually flipping the objects/enemies around however, might be a different story, and as I've learned the hard way, floorguards and thwumps don't like it when you change their territory around on them.
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You know...

It would be easy to code a program to build tiledrones that do this for you...easier than it would be to make the tiledrones xD
I've wondered about linking maps together in an episodic way, though I don't know if all objects can be moved through the use of a trigger (where the trap door switch could be hidden behind an exit key or something to trigger the next level). Even if it is possible, there's also the problem of dying and not being able to restart at the second, third, fourth map, etc. But anyway, would have been possible to make the objects in this map change as well as the tiles when activating the trigger? Show's how much I've bothered looking into it myself...

And yep

That is all of the gold.
Actually, the drones didn't really take too long to make, it was just coming up with a map that utilized the concept in general that took such a long time.

Q: What's a long time Meta?

A: Almost a year.
Including the stuff that gets covered up.

Really neat idea, and I see why it took so long for you to get around to make it; there's a lot of code there for the tile drones. But wow. There are so many possibilities for this.
Is it possible to have tile drones run through for a second time, so it becomes three maps?
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