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Author Ngaged
Tags action author:ngaged floorguards medium playable unrated zap-drones
Created 2011-06-13
Last Modified 2011-06-13
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Description MAP!


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Four ratings, and so far it's a one. And no feedback. Now I remember why I stopped making maps in the first place.

This generation of NUMA-goers doesn't offer constructive criticism. I see that the talent of map-making has increased...but the people seem different. That's just mah humble opinion. XD

Hehe, I looked on your remix (which is nice by the way!), and I see you kinda have a similar complaint. Ah well, what can you do? Tis but the interwebs.

Hmmm, well.

Mmmm, if you're going to divide the map up, why not just make it linear?