Simplistic Chaos

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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon race rated relaxed
Created 2011-06-16
Last Modified 2011-06-16
by 5 people.
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Description A rather simple map by me. There are 2 enemies and a few mines, i made this as a more laid back map. I see a lot of intense maps out there nowadays and figured we'd need a simple map that allows you to stay a little relaxed.

Anyways, enjoy!

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Nah man.

Take it as a ded if you want, but I would probably be making a map for you on its own. Since I've already covered destiny and rit, you're next in line :)

Reeaallly good.

Loving it.
Demo Data

Sure, if you like

Not got access to my own PC for a while though, can't promise how active i'll be. PM me whatever on the forums and i'll try my best to contribute.


Uncheatable race []
There is still a whole bunch of original bits and bobs.
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only 3 people played it :(

haven't played a race in so long

this was fun

well that

considering the flow route is the fastest possible route.

Bit faster speed

Just to clarify, my definition of uncheatable is a race where you must follow the flow.

/meta looks
Demo Data

i'm not sure if this is cheat-able... one from my own archives... Tribute to Boonie []

and a slow speed...
though i don't know how to improve it much... i guess meta will try now xD
Demo Data

Link, por favor


/Meta would like to see this so called "uncheatable race"
Damn... i where about to go to sleep and then you make this :)
now i'm pretty sure i'll fall asleep... not that it where boring, just pleasantly relxing ;)
and i have to be honest... that last mine?
Demo Data

Demo without demo

I think I did this correctly.
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Hey etdeshon

Anyways, is there even such a thing as an uncheatable race?


completion, i know its cheatable, dont care. lol
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